I'm Adam or PeakGraphicz - a graphic designer, who mainly (but not limited to!) operates in the field of social influencers. I began my YouTube channel a good few years ago now in 2013. I didn't start designing much before then, consequently my work has considerably improved since - through practise, persistence and hard work! I'm lucky enough to work with some of the most friendly and influential clients around, for example:
Kieran Brown - 850k+ YouTube Subscribers
Theo Baker - 800k+ YouTube Subscribers
Andrew Henderson - 3 x Football Freestyle World Champion & 800k+ Instagram Followers
Woody and Kleiny (& PKSA)- Comedy duo with over 4.7 million Instagram followers & 2 million Facebook Likes
Daniel Cutting - DC Freestyle - Pro Football Freestyler & 550k+ YouTube Subscriber
VFDida - Personal Trainer for KSI and other Sidemen members & 50k+ Instagram Followers
Photograph by Rich Daley.
For all of you that may ask or wonder, I use Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to create my designs. If you are looking for work, don't hesitate to contact me by clicking here as I can create designs to any brief, for anyone one, no matter how diverse! 
Expectantly, you may ask: "Why should I choose you?". The answer would be that, no matter how different and challenging, I will always strive to try my utmost best for my clients. No job is too large!
Additionally, I have good experience within Adobe Lightroom through my passion for photography, as well as good video editing skills in interfaces such as Final Cut Pro X, meaning I can complete work in other fields for you if required, on top of just graphic work!
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